Brian Li Sui Fong is a multidisciplinary designer with experience in various fields of design and technology—he has worked on projects ranging from product development to public installations and advertising campaigns to data visualization. Working closely with collaborators and mentors from vastly diverse fields has helped him develop a hands-on holistic approach to problem-solving and instilled him with a rich set of interests and skills.

Born and raised in Mauritius, Brian currently lives and works in Montreal where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Design in 2010. He has been honoured with several international awards and has work published in numerous books and magazines.

Art Direction · UX & UI Design · Graphic Design · Illustration · 3D Design & Animation · etc

Email:mail @ brianlsf.com

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This website was conceived by yours truly, using Ruby on Rails with Foundation, and delivered on Heroku. Fonts in use are Wigrum Medium by Studio Feed, Montserrat by Julieta Ulanovsky, and Source Sans Pro by Paul D. Hunt.

Awards & Recognition

  • TDC58 Type Directors Club
    Award of Typographic Excellence, 2012
  • Communication Arts
    Award of Excellence, 2011
  • Wacom
    Illustration contest winner, 2010
  • Wacom Asia-Pacific
    Illustration Barrel of Laughs award, 2007


  • Produced With Love
    Index Book, 2013
  • TDC Typography 33
    HarperCollins Publishers, 2013
  • STOP, THINK, GO, DO: How Typography and Graphic Design Influence Behavior
    Steven Heller & Mirko Ilić. Rockport, 2012
  • Page Magazine
  • Type Player 2
    Sandu Publishing, 2011
  • Communication Arts
    Typography Annual 1, 2011


  • 58th Annual TDC Exhibition
    Cooper Union Gallery, New York 2012
  • Words Can Fly
    TOMA objets, MTL Design Portes Ouvertes 2011
  • Arrivals & Departures
    FOFA Gallery, MTL Design Portes Ouvertes 2010
  • Art Matters 2010
    Material Applied, Les Territoires Gallery
  • Art Matters 2009
    Narratives, Art Mûr Gallery

@brianlsf on Instagram
@brianlsf on Instagram
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I attended a wedding in China on their national holiday week—with a fleet of 12 cars driving through narrow mountain roads to go get the bride 2h away and back, stacks of cash presented to the bride’s parents, loads of other similar wedding car delegations that day (very problematic in the narrow mountain roads), 200m of firecrackers leading the cars on the last stretch back. Quite a trek and quite an experience #wedding #sichuan #rural #china

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Glimpses of rural china #sichuan #mountains #rural #china