Hello, I’m Brian Li.
I design things with humans for humans.


Product Design & Development

Product Design & Development


Should I Exchange Now

I needed an easy-to-use analytical tool that would let me know when/if it is a good time to exchange foreign currency, so I made one.


Dribbble guiker


Guiker makes it easier for foreign students to find & rent a new apartment, and facilitates logistical and communicative interaction with their landlord.

Product Design

Wellframe wide


Wellframe partners with leading health plans and healthcare providers to deliver a mobile-enabled care management platform.

Date scroll

Proposed interaction design and prototype for a horizontal calendar scroll to quickly select dates that are not too far in the future. The idea is to always have a sense of where you are in time relative to 'Today', by having an indication while you are scrolling and when you've selected a date. Made with Sketch and Framer. The images are placeholders from a different project.

Graphic Design, Illustration & 3D Design

TV Graphics Design

Equidia wide


Live TV & multimedia environment redesign for the French channel specializing in horse racing, equestrian sports and the horse world. Covering 10 hours of live races every day, Equidia is the biggest sport broadcaster in Europe. (Details coming soon...)


Equidia disciplines 01

Icons representing the different disciplines in horse racing, designed to be legible at regular and small sizes primarily for TV but also for use on web, mobile and print. Part of a larger redesign work done for Equidia—a French television channel specializing in horse racing, equestrian sports and the horse world.

3D Illustration

Nytmag donald trump

The New York Times Magazine

Illustration for the NYT Mag article “Can the G.O.P. Senate Majority Survive Donald Trump?”

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